Labadie’s Bakery (Lewiston, ME) 


Maine's first Whoopie Pie walked out this door!

Labadie’s Bakery
 has been in the same location since 1925. The first whoopie pie sold in Maine was baked here at Labadie's. Back when this area of Maine was booming with shoe manufacturers, and textile mills. Lincoln Street, where the bakery is located, is part of what the locals call “little Canada”. This area had many jobs and thousands of French Canadians came south to work and prosper. Because of language barriers, many of them moved in with family and eventually formed the small French speaking community within Lewiston.  

The whoopie pies recipe has not changed since 1925.

Over the years Labadie’s Bakery has grown and become a 24 hour operation.We now supply fresh baked pastry to most retail outlets, vending services, and Independent Grocers. People from Canada to Florida have enjoyed the delicious taste of our fresh baked pastries. Try some.


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