The Original Maine Whoopie Pie since 1925!" Our signature Product


Can you believe we’ve been making these since 1925? Our original Whoopie Pies have sold briskly for years due to our time-honored recipe and their outstanding quality. We use the moistest chocolate cake, filled with just the right amount of delicious creme. Individually wrapped and sold by the dozen, our signature product can be eaten immediately or frozen for longer-lasting enjoyment!    




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Whoopie Pies - I love these!

These are as good as the ones my mom used to make. In fact, they may be even better. I bought my first dozen and am getting ready to order more. The cake is tasty, the cream filling is just right. Thumbs up!

A Little Piece of Heaven

These are the BEST whoopie pies ever!! The cake is moist and the filling is just heavenly!! I love them and everybody I have given them to as gifts feel the same way.

Merveilleaux Whoopies

Based on more than 30 years of delectable direct enjoyment and accolades from every friend and relative we have given them to, Labadies vanilla filled chocolate cake whoopie pies are the best! Even first time skeptics who greet them as just another "moon pie" are very pleasantly surprised on their first, which usually earns their "one isn't enough" or "where can I get more" compliment.

My Very Favorite Whoopie Pie

I live in Dallas, Texas and it has been difficult to find good Whoopie Pies. Years ago I began to purchase from you. Your Whoopie Pies are always delicious and I've never been disappointed. My problem: I could eat 4 a day, as they are so yummy. Keep up the quality! Thank you.

I crave Maine Whoopie Pies!

I've tasted others but truly Maine Whoopie Pies are by far the best. The cake is moist and delicious and the filling is perfect in taste and consistency. I love the fact that Maine Whoopie Pies does not hold back on the amount of filling per pie.