Can’t decide between our mouthwatering Maine Whoopies Pies and our fabulous Creme Rolls? Fortunately, you don’t have to! This combo pack includes 6 Creme Rolls and 6 Whoopies Pies in your favorite flavor--choose from original, chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, or peanut butter.

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Would order again!

This is the second time I have ordered the whoopie pie/french horn combo and like the first time, it's been an awesome experience. Being from Maine, I'm picky about my pies and horns, because there is nothing like them here in Northern California, so to be able to feed my craving in just a couple of days is the greatest! Thank you so much for providing displaced Mainers this wonderful service!

Love it...

We were surprised how fast they arrived to us in Chicago. After visiting Maine this spring we had some french cream horns and really loved them. The chocolate whoopie pies were great too. Glad we were able to have some again. Thanks for offering this service.