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Original Maine Whoopie Gift Tray 6 Pack

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Introducing the Original Maine Whoopie Pie – a timeless delight that has been crafted with the same cherished recipe since 1925. Experience the authentic taste of tradition in every decadent bite, now presented in a beautifully crafted wooden gift tray.

Our whoopie pies are a true ode to the rich culinary heritage of Maine, where quality and flavor have stood the test of time. Each handcrafted treat embodies the perfect harmony of soft, pillowy chocolate cake and a luscious, creamy filling, delivering an indulgent experience that has delighted generations.

Encased in a thoughtfully designed wooden gift tray, this collection pays homage to the heritage of the Original Maine Whoopie Pie. The tray not only serves as a stunning presentation but also reflects the artisanal nature of this iconic treat. Crafted with care, the wooden tray adds a touch of rustic elegance, making it the perfect gift for any occasion.

Whether you're gifting it to a loved one, sharing it at a special gathering, or treating yourself to a moment of bliss, the Original Maine Whoopie Pie in its wooden gift tray is a nostalgic journey back to the comforting flavors of yesteryear. Savor the history, taste the tradition, and celebrate the enduring legacy of this delectable dessert that has been a beloved favorite for nearly a century.

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